Tips on Enrollment and Adjustment

- If you have no failing grades from the previous term, you may immediately enroll for the next term once you get your EAF from the Vice Dean’s Office
- If you have a failing grade, you must adjust your schedule to take that subject again. If you failed COMALGE (Example) you cannot take BUSMATH and/or ECONONE for the next term, you’ll have to adjust so that BUSMATH and/or ECONONE wouldn’t be on your schedule and be replaced by COMALGE. If you failed a FLOATING subject, you may take it again anytime regardless of term and pre-requisite (Take a look at DLSU Frosh Tips’ guide on this :) )
- It is advised that you pay your tuition on or before the deadline WITHOUT Surcharges to avoid an additional P100 per delayed week until the deadline for payment of tuition with surcharges.

ONLINE Adjustment
- This is done if you have a failing grade from the previous term.
- You must log in at the designated time and adjust your schedule to replace/add/subtract a subject to get the subject you failed again
- You can enroll in any time slot if its compatible with the assigned block schedule
- The sections offered per class are limited depending on how many students require the class for the following term. So be aware as some new sections may open anytime.
- Claiming of REVISED EAF’s is still ongoing, claim it at L229, just bring your ID. This is totally FREE no payment at all

MANUAL Adjustment
- Firstly you must secure an adjustment pass on the said date, you are the one to choose the time slot for your adjustment.
- You will need to PRINT the pass out ASAP as the service on MLS will only be open on the said date.
- Once you have a pass, you must on on your preferred schedule and adjust it. This is usually done in the Office of the Vice Dean for your respective college.
- After adjusting, you will have to pay P220 inclusive of the Adjustment Fee and the payment for the reprinting of your EAF. Payment can be done at the Accounting Office located at the Conservatory :)

Enjoy the tips fellow Froshies!
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Big thanks to Stephen LIAM DIANO! APIR! :D

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