How Trimestral System Can Change Your Life

When you’re in La Salle, you can’t help but ask and wonder why our calendar is Trimestral and we have 1st Term, 2nd Term, 3rd Term. Well, DLSU first adopted it in 1986, and since then we Lasallians are known to be fast workers, competitive thinkers and can work against time constrain.

Semestral system is the one used by majority of the universities in the Philippines, like Ateneo, UP and UST. They begin their classes during June and end on late October, and begin on November and end on early March. Many students say they work flexible under the semestral system, and some say like they just take things easy. But what’s the advantage of Trimestral over Semestral system? We learn more topics, concepts and knowledge in a year faster than any college student. For example, if you’re a CS student, Trimestral can learn Calculus, Basic and Advanced Programming as well as Algorithm Analysis and Design and Trigonometry in 10 months - and that’s Frosh Year only.. compared to a university in Manila where their Algorithm Analysis and Design is taken up during their Third Year of studies. So see Froshies? What other students learn on their upper years can easily be absorbed in a short span of time.

In Trimestral system, Lasallians work fast, efficiently, and we treat 1 day like 12 hours. We treat 1 hour as 30 minutes. Well, that is if the subject’s hard. You’ll see deadline approaching swifter than you know it.  Cramming is sometimes not efficient kasi it will bulk up your requirements. What if you did not finish it? Then the worst case is your will have a low score. Some subjects in DLSU has a 60% passing, and some majors 70% or 85% And to warn you.. Kahit 0.1% short ka para pumasa some profs will not pass you. Professors are getting stricter than you think. So work hard and battle out time. As the saying goes, Victory likes preparation. So time is your enemy at La Salle. Not lovelife, not socialization, not any more things that can disturb your studies. It’s Time.

And don’t you know that enrolling in DLSU is just one shot opportunity? When you decide to transfer to another school and come back to DLSU again, you will not be admitted. As the student handbook says, “Issuance of transfer credentials merits a permanent termination of studies in the university.”

So this is the time of your life, Froshies. Spend it wisely.

Thanks @JM!

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